Engel & Völkers Yachting and Aicon Yachts Embark on Partnership

Announcement grounded in shared commitment to service as Aicon Yachts relaunches

New York, N.Y. ​and Milano, Italy [Feb. 13, 2020] – Engel & Völkers Yachting and Aicon Yachts today announced a strategic partnership designating Engel & Völkers Yachting based in Newport Beach, California as the exclusive representative for Aicon Yachts. This announcement comes as Aicon Yachts, known for its luxurious Italian design and craftsmanship, relaunches under the leadership of Chairman & CEO Marc-Udo Broich and his partner John Vennors as the only customized yacht builder focused on the 60 to 85 foot segment.

“With more than 500 boats sailing in the world, Aicon is excited to look to the future with a new range of yachts designed by Sergio Cutolo, one of the most prestigious designers in the world,” said Broich. “There exists a desire for high-end, custom yachts to meet the specific needs of passionate yachtsmen, and Aicon fulfills that desire to the highest degree. We are thrilled with our partnership with Engel & Völkers, a brand recognized as the premier global entity in offering first-class service to its clients both in real estate and yachting, and together we will set new standards in the yachting world that our clients expect and deserve.”

This marks the first exclusive deal for Engel & Völkers Yachting since opening its first location in Newport Beach, California two weeks ago through a partnership with Walter Johnson Yachts.

“The yachting experience begins with trained advisors educating and walking clients through every step of the process, and at Engel & Völkers providing exceptional, personalize experiences to our clients has been at the core of our business for more than 40 years,” said Paul Benson, license parter of Engel & Völkers Yachting. “It’s been an exciting few weeks for us, and our partnership with Aicon Yachts and shared passion for the yachting culture and delivering the highest levels of client experience will open up so many exciting opportunities for our clients now and in the future.”

“Our team couldn’t be more excited to represent this stunning collection of yachts,” said Walter Johnson, president of Engel & Vökers Yachting’s Newport Beach location. “We know many clients will be attracted to the opportunity to further customize their yachting experiences through Aicon and look forward to helping them do so.”

Aicon Yachting and Engel & Völkers Yachting will be at the Miami Yachting Show February 14, 2020, celebrating the partnership and the unveiling of Aicon Yachts’ newest model.

For more information visit ​evyachting.com/americas​ and ​aiconyachts.com​.

Engel & Völkers Yachting

Engel & Völkers is a global luxury brand. Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1977, Engel & Völkers draws on its rich European history to deliver a fresh approach to luxury real estate with a focus on creating a personalized client experience at every stage of the home buying or selling process for today’s savvy homeowner. That same level of service has since then been applied to its yachting divison. In 2020, Engel & Völkers opened its first yachting division in the Americas, specializing in the comprehensive services related to buying, selling and chartering yachts. Committed to exceptional service, Engel & Völkers Yachting has established locations in ​the yachting hubs of Monaco and Antibes in the South of France. Each brokerage is independently owned and operated. For more information, visit ​www.evyachting.com/americas​.

Aicon Yachts

Founded in 1993, Aicon Yachts has been realizing the dream of tailor made, building and designing very high quality luxury yachts.The Aicon shipyard was located in Sicily, always working in close contact with the world of luxury. Tailor made was its philosophy from the beginning and has maintained that tradition. From the ’90s until today, Aicon Yachts has never betrayed the distinctive soul and passion of Made in Italy, which have enabled the shipyard to excel in Europe and in the world, as evidenced by the Aicon 56, launched in 2001 and awarded at the 2002 Cannes Yachting Festival.
This success was repeated in 2005, with the Aicon 64 Fly, which was awarded the World Yacht Trophy. Since then, Aicon Yachts created several other models between 52 and 85 feet, each garnering multiple world wide acclaim and awards.Aicon Yachts was reborn in 2019 having been bought and integrated within a new Yacht Group. It is on course to revolutionize the nautical segment of Yachts between 60’ and 100’ - truly custom, bespoke manufacturing catering to the experienced yachtsmen. The new Aicon Yachts 66 will be the first of the four new models that will allow owners to build their dreams. The new Aicon Group will integrate American management and engineering with true Italian manufacturing and hand-made craftsmanship.

For further information contact:

Katelyn Castellano
Engel & Völkers Americas
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John P Venners Aicon Group
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Press Release




January 7th 2020



International capital and a very strong team mark the rebirth of the Italian “iconic” brand

The rebirth of Aicon Yachts, the historic Italian shipyard that has written a piece of boating history with its high-end yachts, starts with an exceptional team.

In 2018, the majority shareholder Marc-Udo Broich, with a 20-year experience in the yachting sector, and his historic financial partner John Venners took over Aicon Yachts.  “We're ready to restore the splendor the shipyard deserves, building in Italy in order to guarantee new boats the highest possible quality" says Marc-Udo Broich, CEO of the group "we will aim to build custom boats in order to launch a genre that does not exist in the 50'-85' segment.  Italian design and American engineering will create an irresistible mix ".


The debut of the new line of boats, in fact, starts from the United States, in a market which has always been synonymous with the incredible success of Aicon Yachts.  Many of the 500 Aicons built between 2001 and 2010 were sold in the US.

The first upcoming model is the Aicon 66, a semi-custom 20-meter yacht destined to become the reference point in an increasingly demanding market with great attention to detail.

The DNA of this concept is outlined by Marc-Udo Broich: 

“Having been in this business for over 20 years, it has become very clear to me that our segment (50’ to 85’) has become more and more like the automotive industry: mass production, limited customization, and distribution networks that resemble local car dealers. All activities that, unfortunately, are managed by individuals who have no direct passion for the sea and navigation.

I believe that while this business model works for small-sized boats, there exists a need to fulfill yachtsmen’s desire to build high-end custom yachts to fit their specific needs and high standards. This is a process where the top management and the designer must work close with the owner, without intermediaries. That's what we call the AICON YACHTS BOUTIQUE approach and the person that makes this all possible is Sergio Cutolo”.


Sergio Cutolo

Mr. Cutolo, former technical director of Baglietto during its golden area and a longtime collaborator of the world's most authoritative boat manufacturers and a naval engineer, has a very long experience in the design of motoryachts.  Mr Cutolo's creations include boats of all sizes  and for a multitude of usages, ranging from "small-sized" luxury yachts and futuristic explorers to megayachts. “It was with great pleasure that I accepted Marc's call. Having worked with Aicon in the past, it was a great pleasure for me to get back in touch with this glorious brand and to contribute to its relaunch. The challenge attracted me because my first intention was to build a yacht which could be totally customizable according to the owner's needs without however having to change the entire engineering to adapt to every particular request"


The main characteristics of the new Aicon 66 are as follows:

 “It's a 66-footer that draws inspiration from one of the must successful models of the shipyard: the Aicon 64 Fly. This boat was really innovative for its time and, to some extent, it is still contemporary today. With the Aicon 66, we will introduce a modern boat of a bigger size and with an innovative design in its DNA".

The new Aicon 66 will a boat that, while maintaining the same good performance and seaworthiness as the 64, will adapt these characteristics to a particularly American use. Boating conditions in the States are often harsh, so we decided to make the boat much drier thanks to particularly flared bow sections.

It's a functional and aesthetic choice that winks at the market of American fisherman, as is the choice of equipping the 66 with wider surfaces on the main deck, both in the side-decks and in the anchor zones. We have also introduced in the 66 what has become a "must-have" accessory: the Hard Top on the flybridge.

With the new Aicon 66, also thanks to my professional background, we aim to introduce a custom-made product philosophy: when a boat owner decides to spend a significant amount of money, he must be able to choose.

A bright future awaits us, characterized by a completely new approach. A shipyard where the relationship between shareholders, managers, employees and customers is symbiotic. That is the only way we can obtain the best possible yacht for sailing in the open sea, in complete harmony with the environment and with the quality that only our boats are able to offer "

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