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Known For Distinctive Excellence.  Luxury Yachts~ Designed, Built and Perfected In Italy, For The Discerning Yachtsman/woman

Creating Italian Luxury Yachts With Personalized Bespoke Finishes.

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Featuring ~ AICON 66

"Perfect Dialogue Between Architectural Design and Engineering."

Creating a unique yachting experience by designing expansive windows throughout the yacht which evokes a sense of pure continuity with the surrounding environment.

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Featuring ~ AICON 85

"A Masterpiece of Style and Elegance."

 The Aicon 85 is a megayacht that embodies a combination of extraordinary characteristics - exclusive presence, superiority and elegance - in a craft of unparalleled design and construction, an incomparable modern interpretation of luxury and comfort, design and style, power and dynamism.

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"...Just as owners of new custom built homes want to have "hands on" experience to provide specific input on final design, layout, fixtures, colour, cabinetry, etc., the same is true with many yachtsmen that know exactly what they want in their yacht..."       
 ~ Marc-Udo Broich, Chairman/CEO
"Designers and Engineers Interact Continuously Throughout The Course of The Project, To Ensure Form and Function Is Being Considered In Every Detail.  The Design Ethos Ensures An Eye-Catching, Seaworthy Yacht With Beauty and Functionality."


Chairman/CEO ~ Marc-Udo Broich.


Marc has fulfilled his lifelong passion for yachting in various capacities over the past several decades. As former President of Aicon Yachts North/South America as well as Board Member of Aicon Group, Marc-Udo brings along a wealth of knowledge and experience. Everything from Award winning designs, brand development, manufacturing and quality control oversite and customer service. He is highly respected in the world of yachting and has all the necessary tools to successfully relaunch AICON YACHTS.

Partner ~ John P. Venners.


As international businessman/entrepreneur and adventurer John was privileged to own three AICON YACHTS. After numerous stints on Capital Hill and the White House, Venners successfully established numerous start up entities including international trading and energy technology. His vast international network and experience with start up companies will help accelerate and achieve milestones.

Head of Production ~ Giuseppe Piccolo 


Mr Picciolo has over 20 years of experience producing luxury Italian yachts.  He was Head of Production for AICON YACHTS from its beginning in 2000.  Since then he managed and oversaw production of other high end yachts for other manufacturers. Prior to AICON YACHTS Picciolo was in charge of AICON Furniture. The combined experience led his team to build award winning AICON yachts and became the third largest producer in its category in the world.


His expertise in Vacuum Infused fiberglass production allowed him to lead his team to Vacuum Infuse the first 85 foot yacht. His knowledge and quest for outstanding quality, customized personalization and attention to detail will lead the AICON YACHTS manufacturing team to new and unprecedented highs.


Mr Picciolo also led “Team Hydra” - a joint venture with Italian Universities that built the first Full Scale Yacht model incorporating new methodologies for the reduction of Environmental Impacts and Energy consumption during the production phases. He has received numerous awards and ISO certifications for his outstanding leadership and work. AICON’s manufacturing facilities, under Piccolo’s supervision, continues to strive to be one of the worlds most efficient, environmentally responsible yards. 



Aicon's legacy continues with architectural design leadership of world renowned Sergio Cutolo, founder of Hydro-Tec in Italy.  Aicon's newly designed models benefit from Sergio's years of experience creating award winning mega yachts.

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"A Truly Customizable Yacht."


Creating Italian Luxury Yachts, Offering Clients The Option To Commission a Personalized Vessel With Bespoke Finishes.

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